03 August 2010

A note for "Ladies, out!" man

Dear "Ladies, out!" man,

Everytime you give your archaeology undergraduate lady helpers a one word command to exit the building, it makes me giggle. Especially since I can't tell if you are flamboyantly gay or just flamboyantly Greek. Sometimes I wonder if you're also flamboyantly Jewish since you periodically wear a pink shirt with Hebrew written on it. You are also so immaculately dressed, but then again, so are many other Greek men with ladies to impress.

Do you realize, "Ladies, out!" man how hilarious your command is? Do your ladies realize the hilarity of the statement as well? Sometimes you say it as if you expect only your ladies to hear it, although it is English, and your ladies are Greek, just like you. By saying "Ladies, out!" in English, are you thereby addressing it to the other ladies who are present, who speak only English (as it is usually only Sam, Lynne, and myself who are able to hear it)? These questions I ponder, "Ladies, out!" man, as I sit for hours washing animal bones and avoiding the occasional wasp that flies into the museum.

The other day I saw that the ladies did not obey your command of "out!". I felt scandalized, although it is more likely that they did not hear you speak. Most likely that they are so accustomed to you waving them out with that flamboyant hand gesture of yours that it now means nothing to them. They stay in my hostel and sometimes I am tempted to ask them about you, and if they enjoy the phrase "ladies, out!" as much as I do. But then again, I don't think they speak all that much English.

In the end, "Ladies, out!" man, I just want to tell you that sometimes I wish that you could order me out of a room with a single word and wave as if I were a part of your lady entourage. Too bad you will never read this.

(Girl washing bones)

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