09 August 2010

It's over...sorta

Today was the last day of work for the undergrads. I feel like sad is the wrong word to describe this feeling. While I'm a little sad because now I'm no longer going to have my little routine that I've worked out, and I'll miss Marion (hotel owner who calls me "Sunshine" every morning when I walk down for breakfast), I'm glad that I'll no longer have to spend 7 hours inside the museum. I was getting a little stir crazy. I won't have to be terrified of Deanna anymore, which is especially good after I got yelled at for possibly losing a fresco fragment last Wednesday, which I had put on her mat but forgot to move the label card over to it. I'm also glad to be out of this country. I'm tired of it and more than ready to go to Turkey and actually get into a school routine. But tomorrow, when I'm in Athens for two days before my flight I get to stay in...a Best Western. I never thought that I would be so excited to stay in a Best Western, but for some weird reason I am. I'm hoping for a) a mattress that doesn't kill my knees/back/neck/boobs and b) a shower head that's attached to the wall. I also think that I get free wireless internet, but I'm not entirely sure, so some photos may get posted here...finally.

This weekend, as part of our last weekend here, Sam and I went to Nafplio and hiked up the Palamidi to the big fortress on top of the hill/mountain thing. Views were spectacular, it was really really hot, and we ran into a family from Chicago while we were up there. Luckily, we decided to schlep up the steps before we went to the beach so that we could swim off all of the sweat that had accumulated during our few hours at the fort.

Saturday night, when we were walking home, we got followed by a kitten. Because it kept on running into the middle of the road, and I didnt want to be present if and when the kitten got hit by a car, I convinced Sam to pick it up and carry it with us until we came to a field to ditch it. Unfortunately, when we tried to ditch it in the field, it still followed us and kept tripping us up because it was getting underfoot, so we carried it all the way back to the hotel. Marion told us that we had to let it go somewhere because Kenzo, the dog, would eat it, so we tried to ditch it in front of the house across the street. It was super cute/frustrating because whenever we would put it behind the gate, it would escape and rub itself all over my feet (which were REALLY sweaty) and purr and roll around. This made ditching it even harder. Luckily, we finally managed to leave it, and Marion said that she saw the mommy cat that lived across the street holding the kitten in her mouth. I really hope she didnt eat it.

This post has been very disjointed.

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