22 September 2010


My camera decided to pull a Lazarus and resurrect itself from the dead. This means there's more than one piece of good news:

1) My blog will be much more colorful and full of pictures as opposed to boring and full of words.
2) I no longer have to spend the equivalent of $150 on a new Sony camera to replace the one that is no longer dead.
3) I can actually show you what my room/closet looks like instead of telling you about it (this will most likely happen in the next post).

In other news, which may not be quite as exciting, I'm actually learning things in class now. Yay! It was getting very boring just listening to the professors talk about class. And now I get homework! (that was not sarcasm)

Also, I decided to submit my honors thesis into the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal. Everyone cross their fingers.

So here it is, what everyone's been waiting for *drum roll*
THE PICTURES FROM TURKEY FROM THE PAST MONTH (warning: there are some pictures of my sprained ankle. You don't have to look at them)

Turkey, The Beginning

Just click on the picture and it will link you to the photo album

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