22 July 2010

Sorry, it's been a bit of a long time...

So I've shirked my updating responsibilities and still will not be able to update very much this time because I have 15 minutes of interwebs left. I will try my hardest though.

The interactions between the grad students and the undergrads (all two of us) have improved significantly. Now they actually joke with us, and the other day they came into town and got dinner with us. Lynne took us hiking around to all the tholos tombs outside of the main Mycenae sight. This was the second time that I had done it, but it was no less cooler than the last time. I also found out that I am very VERY out of shape. I'm still afraid of Deanna, like I was last year. It doesnt help that this year there's a grad student named Deb, and for some weird reason, whenever I'm really tired I accidentally call her Deb. Then she gets kinda mad at me. Yesterday she yelled at me and it took everything I had to keep from crying in front of her. I dont want to be like that Sara girl who last year, with the Nemea group apparently cried all the time. I can't be that person.

Seeing how Dr. Shelton is treated in the museum, both as a woman and as a foreigner has made me sort of rethink my career goals. I still plan on getting my PhD (dont worry parentals), but Im seriously debating about getting my masters in conservation or museum studies. a) Ill make more money, b) there might be more job openings, and c) I wont be treated like shit as a director in Greece. One of the times, when Deanna was having a pleasant conversation with me, she made the suggestion. I dont know, we'll see how long that idea lasts. Last year, Gypsy told me that I should go into conservational resource management, which I wanted to do, but now cannot. That lasted all of a couple of months. Moral of the story: this will probably change. Who knows, I might just end up getting my PhD then saying fuck it and make a beer brewery.

This weekend Sam and I are going to Aegina on "vacation/honeymoon". I swear to god, soon as I figure out how to post pictures on these computers I will, but as of yet, you will just have to use your imagination.


  1. Glad you're getting along better with the grad students. I figured that would happen eventually- after all, you have so much in common, like poverty. Not to worry about career plans, it's all a journey.